Citizenship by Investment | United States of America

This category is called EB-5 in the US, this program requires that your client invest in an approved program which shall stimulate the economy and/or employment in the US.

Most programs require an investment of $1M USD. However, certain States, like Vermont or Florida, do have eligible programs at $500,000 USD. The list of programs is quite extensive and it would be impossible to list them all here.

The way we normally operate is simply to understand the actual goals of the applicant and see if geographical location matter for them. Then we will introduce them to one of our vetted and approved brokers who will lead the process with you and them, while we remain involved to ensure quality and responsiveness.


  • Demonstrate past Business Experience, and
  • Invest $1 Million USD in their new business, or $500,000 USD in certain target employment areas
  • Create at least 10 full time jobs within 2 years, or if taking over a struggling business, maintain the existing number of jobs for at least 2 years
  • Demonstrate a legal source of investment funds
  • Create a new business, or
  • Take over an existing, troubled business (a business that has lost 20% of its total net worth) and retain all existing jobs, or
  • Take over and grow an existing business (growth defined as 140% increase in either net worth or jobs)
  • Invest in an existing, approved Regional Center, and also:
  • Providing a clean bill of health and criminal record

Estimated Fees:

A sum of $50,000 USD in various administrative and miscellaneous fees shall be expected;


Processing times for approval varies from 16 to 25 months. Once approved, applicant will become a ‘conditional’ Permanent Resident (Green Card holder).

After 21 to 24 months of having been approved as a conditional immigrant (and assuming all conditions were met), we can file a petition to remove the conditions, which takes an additional 18 months processing and would then make the applicant and ‘Permanent’ Green Card holder.

Maintaining Permanent Residency Status:

Generally speaking, Green Card holders must not leave the United States of America for more than 12 consecutive months, unless pre-authorized by USCIS, otherwise they may face the risk of losing this newly-acquired status.

Special permissions and strategies can be applied for, but these would be on a case-by-case basis. Travelling abroad is permitted at all times, as long as they maintain their principal place of residence in the USA after being approved.


Permanent Residence and eventually citizenship are also granted to the investor’s married spouse and all children younger than 21.

Path to USA Citizenship:

Successful candidates can become eligible to apply for US citizenship 5 years after receiving a conditional Green Card.