1. Fast track approval process: 6 Months
2. VISA free travel to more than 158 countries
3. Availability of Education and Health Care in Europe
4. Safe relaxed and stress-free environment
5. No physical residency requirements
6. Covers the investor, spouse and dependent children up to the age of 28
7. Cyprus permits dual citizenship


Citizens of Cyprus can travel, Visa Free, to The Schengen Countries, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and many more.  You can receive your Permanent Cyprus Residency within approximately 6 months and this enables you to travel to 158 countries.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Cyprus; however, you are not required to live in Cyprus to receive a Cypriot passport, this also includes your spouse and dependent children until they are 28 years old. Parents of the main applicant can also apply with an additional fee of €500,000.

Numerous benefits to have a Cypriot Passport, besides the advantages of Health Care and Higher Education for your family.  There are also financial benefits such as, no immovable Property Tax, corporate tax is the lowest in Europe compare to other European states, at 12.5%.  Zero Property Transfer fee if VAT is paid and 5% VAT (reduced from 19%) for the main residence that you purchase.


Investing €2,000,000 in Cyprus properties will let you qualify to apply for the program.

After 3 years, any original properties of €2,000,000 that you might have invested can be sold, however, there must always be at least €500,000 in real estate investment from year 3 onward.

Investment will be kept in an Escrow account until applicant’s citizenship application has been approved.

Although it is rare for an application to be rejected, the total investment will be returned to applicant if this is the outcome.

Due Diligence fee and Governmental fee are expected upon request.

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*VISA issued upon arrival

  • Do you have dream to live in a politically stable country?
  • Do you want broader educational opportunities for your children and grandchildren?
  • Is traveling much of the world, without travel bands & restrictions, a dream for your family?
  • Do you want less restrictive Business opportunities?
  • Do you need to balance your wealth and your investments?

The answer for all these questions is World Citizen Equity Partners