All the programs share similar benefits, but based on your family composition and financial strength, we may be able to advise which program will befit you.

A residency program is a program whereby the person is legally living or working in a particular locality, while a Citizenship program tends to specify a person who legally belongs to a country.

Not actually. But you must visit at least once a year once you are a resident.

You get a full refund if the fault comes from us; but if the fault is from you, you get no refund at all.

If all necessary requirements are not provided accordingly and authentically, you might get rejected.

Yes, it is absolutely legal.

Yes, you will receive a guaranteed return on your investment.

Depending on your country of preference, it takes between 3 months – 10 months.

Not at all; unless you get involved in any form of crime wave or illegal activity.

Yes, you can, and there will be an additional cost per any additional family member.

Yes, we do a full refund based on the terms on our agreement contract.

Yes, you can, but upon prior notification.

Yes, you can but it depends on the expiry date on your new passport.

It depends on your country of preference; some take a shorter time frame to sell your investment.

You can sell to other interested investors. You could sell your investment higher based on the value of that investment. Some property owners have backup buyers.

Yes, you can rent/lease out your property.

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