World Citizen Equity Partners’ Initiative for the People Effected by Hurricane Dorian

September 2019 has been a difficult start for many in The Bahamas and along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Hurricane Dorian checked in and never checked out of the Bahamas until 13% of the homes in the entire population were destroyed. Abaco and Grand Bahama suffered the worst with scores of lives lost and many still yet accounted for.

As a result, families and construction timeline remain unscathed.

Our relief is tempered by the discomfort of others and our hearts go out to all who have suffered loss through Hurricane Dorian. It is times like this that the strength and generosity of others are overwhelming and humbling.

World Citizen Equity Partners is delighted to support the people of The Bahamas with an undisclosed amount to help rebuild the lives of our brothers and sisters in The Bahamas.

We invite you to help and, should you be compelled to directly support The Bahamas’ recovery, here is a link to The Bahamas Red Cross:

Welcome to the Bahamas Red Cross

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